Mering Erases Carson From Agency Name

MeringCarson is returning to its roots after ex-partner Greg Carson departed from the agency in February.

The agency, led by founder-CEO Dave Mering, now operates solely as Mering, with a new name, website makeover and logo.

The name change actually reflects its humble beginnings, when Dave Mering founded the agency in 1985 as Mering & Associates at 27. Carson was "hired" in 1993 as an unpaid intern who worked his way to becoming a full partner and CCO over his tenure.

After more than two decades at the agency, he now works as partner/Chief Creative Officer at Crown & Greyhound, an agency with offices in Las Vegas and San Diego, focused on digital branded storytelling.

Under a single moniker, Mering will continue to service its roster of clients, including Visit California, KSL Resorts/Monarch Beach, Mammoth Lakes Tourism, Merlin Entertainments (LEGOLAND), Pebble Beach Company, San Diego Tourism Authority, The Islands of Tahiti, and Visit Napa Valley.

“We are all about moving people," says Mering. "We have never shied away from the tough briefs, we challenge them head on with breakthrough, culture-changing work. With this refresh, we’re excited to continue to push boundaries and uncover new opportunities for clients along the way."



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