Tinder Kicks Off 'Swipe Night' Adventure

Breaking into the original content business, Tinder just debuted "Swipe Night" -- a first-person, apocalyptic adventure that dared users to decide their fate.

From 6 p.m. to midnight on Sunday, Tinder users were encouraged to participate in the choose-your-own-adventure experience as apocalyptic events unfolded in real time.

More than mere entertainment, the choices "Swipe Night" participants made were added to their dating profiles on Tinder, which now have the potential of influencing their future matches.

The effort was squarely targeted at Generation Z (ages 18-to-25 years old), which now makes up more than half of Tinder’s usership, according to its Chief Product Officer, Ravi Mehta.

“We know Gen Z speaks in content, so we intentionally built an experience that is native to how they interact,” Mehta said upon Swipe Night’s original unveiling, last month.

To turn Swipe Night into a reality, Tinder tapped 23-year-old Karena Evans, who was named by BET as 2019’s “Video Director of the Year.”

To incorporate augmented reality into the "Swipe Night" experience, Tinder also worked with Snapchat to create a “swipeable” lens, which informed how users’ environments changed around them.

Putting Tinder and other dating services on notice, Facebook recently expanded into the sector.

With the service -- which was already available in 19 other countries – U.S. Facebook users can also integrate Instagram posts directly into their Dating profiles. By the end of the year, they should also be able to add Facebook and Instagram Stories to their profiles.

At present, approximately 200 million Facebook users publicly categorize themselves as “single.” Nearly anyone can use the new Dating service, regardless of their relationship status.

Research suggests that singles use multiple dating services.

For example, a recent report from mobile marketing firm Ogury found that most dating-app users (57%) have more than one service on their phones.

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