Q&A With Policygenius's Blayne Smith

Q. What is the most important idea you hope attendees will take away from your presentation?

A. Don't be afraid to invest in something just because others aren't. In some cases, this can be an advantage. Several years ago, Policygenius was uniquely positioned to leverage the power of podcast advertising more so than our competitors. We outspent and outperformed our competitors (even very large insurance brands), and they are still playing catch-up. Early investment means lower rates and a larger share of voice. 

Q. What's next on your personal or professional agenda?

A. I want our team to remain nimble even as we achieve staggering growth goals. Less bureaucracy and an adaptable team allow us to move on new ideas faster. I am constantly searching for the next customer acquisition channel that is still in its infancy but that could pay big dividends for us if we invest early. (I haven't found The Next Big One yet but I'll share some thoughts in my presentation.)

Q. Which marketing challenge keeps you up at night?

A. Under-counting the success of campaigns/channels because we might not be measuring them properly. Proper measurement is a huge part of my day to day, but it's a constant work in progress as we scale and add new customer acquisition channels.

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