5G Smartphone Sales Projected To Reach 1 Billion By 2025

Sales of 5G smartphones are estimated to reach 1 billion devices globally by 2025, according to a new forecast by Strategy Analytics.

Fewer than 1% of phones sold in 2019 are projected to be 5G devices, growing to nearly 10% in 2020.

“Price is the main concern for early adopters,” stated Ken Hyers, director of strategy at the research firm. “Consumers do not want to spend top dollar on a device when there are few usable networks yet. Operators must widen 5G availability significantly in order for the technology to become attractive for consumers.”

Samsung is the current 5G smartphone leader, driven primarily by sales in South Korea. Other 5G smartphone makers include LG, Huawei, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi.

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