Impeachment Inquiry Spurs Podcasts, Newsletters

The impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s communications with Ukrainian officials is kick-starting a wave of newsletters, podcasts, verticals and mobile alerts dedicated to covering the impeachment process.

The Washington Post announced today it is expanding “The 5-Minute Fix” newsletter to publish five days a week, with a focus on impeachment inquiry news. 

“The 5-Minute Fix” was previously dedicated to breaking down the political news of the day with analysis and reporting from WashPo. It is designed to be read in five minutes or less.

“Now that a potential impeachment is upon us, 'The 5-Minute Fix' is retooling to focus on the latest impeachment news, and it will be in your inbox five days a week, Monday-Friday afternoons,” stated Amber Philips, author of “The 5-Minute Fix.”



At the end of each week, the newsletter will also feature a wrap-up of the week’s impeachment news.

“I’ll be following the Trump impeachment inquiry with outside-the-Beltway sensitivities, aiming to help all of us understand what’s going on and why the headlines you see in The Washington Post and elsewhere matter,” Philips added.

The newspaper is also creating a new, dedicated page to house the latest news and developments in the impeachment inquiry. 

Vox Media is launching the weekly “Impeachment, Explained” podcast, hosted by Vox’s editor at large Ezra Klein. 

It will feature "deep conversations with Vox reporters and leading policy voices about what’s going on, why it matters, and where it leaves us now."

The first episode airs Saturday.

Earlier this month, WNYC debuted the “Impeachment with Brian Lehrer” podcast, to discuss impeachment-related news and feature conversations with journalists and lawmakers.

CNN created a newsletter called “Impeachment Watch” to track the impeachment process. It attracted over 11,000 subscribers in a few days.

Impeachment-related app alerts from CNN attracted 300,000 subscribers in just a week, according to a spokesperson. 

The New York Times launched an impeachment briefing newsletter that contains links to reporting from the NYT, as well as other news outlets.

NPR created a graphic that tracks the lawmakers who have publicly announced support for an impeachment inquiry.

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  1. Ken Kurtz from creative license, October 16, 2019 at 8:42 a.m.

    Five minutes? You might as well change it to two because of the dearth of actual "news" or "developments" that might arise from this biased attempt to pile on with more aspersion. Not a Trump fan, didn't vote for him in 2016. This illegitimate inquiry (a vote is required, with transparency, something the left is avoiding at all cost, ultimately to its own detriment unfortunately) will only assure four more years of Trump buffoonery, and more of the pretty damn good results his unconventional ways are producing.

    What people have to realize is that some of our better presidents (results-wise, anyway) have been very flawed men. Clinton, Nixon, Kennedy. And now Trump. The left needs to cease, and desist with the never ending castigation of Trump as a "less than good guy" (DUH... who didn't know that already?) because in the midst of all that leftist (and hypocritical) myopia, Trump is producing pretty good results (like Clinton, and Nixon, and Kennedy before him)... even with his immature foibles, and peccadilloes.

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