What's Past Is Prologue: 9thWonder Is Here To Help

As one who has covered the ad agency business for some time, I find it’s always a little sad to see a shop close its doors.

That’s especially true for one like Dallas-based TM Advertising, which had a great 85-year run.

It had decades-long partnerships with iconic brands like American Airlines. It operated under different names and was acquired from time to Time. Interpublic owned it for a while, until agency management bought it back about two years ago.

A storied past, no doubt.

But as Shakespeare put it: “What’s past is prologue.” No sooner had the digital ink dried on reports of the agency’s demise last week than the clever and resourceful folks at Houston-based agency 9thWonder saw an opportunity to help TM clients in a jam.

And maybe expand their own client roster at the same time.

Last Friday, if you happened to have googled “TM Advertising,” the first listing that popped up would have been an ad with the header “TM Advertising Clients| 9thWonder Is here to help.”



The copy: “We’re built to help you unearth hidden opportunities. The kind of opportunities that create immediate and long-lasting impact for your brand. Highlights: A Strategic Marketing, Media And Ideas Agency, Operating In Multiple Locations.” Links to work and capabilities were also provided.

Pretty Johnny on the spot, despite the sad circumstances, if you ask me.

A 9thWonder rep said traffic “went through the roof” after the ad kicked in Friday morning. No word on new client signings yet, but the ads are slated to run for a few more weeks.




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