3D Marketing For The 5G World

The digital world is on the brink of a massive transformation. 5G is coming and it’s bringing lightning-fast download speeds and multidimensional messaging with it. 

This digital evolution will inevitably change the way we consume information, much as TV and mobile did. Marketers must anticipate these changes and adapt their efforts in order to be successful in a new digital reality. 

From 5G to 3D

5G provides download speeds that are up to 100 times faster than 4G. Imagine downloading entire movies or massive image files in a matter of seconds—that’s about to be our reality! 

But this incredible speed doesn’t just make our devices faster, it also makes them more advanced. Thanks to 5G, experiences that would normally take days to render will be available instantly. (Think: 3D messaging, holograms and ultra-realistic VR.)

The 3D Marketing Landscape

As our devices evolve, marketers will need to rethink the ways in which content will be consumed and how to capture attention. 

For example, email marketing will be an entirely new experience. Content will have the ability to emanate straight from our devices, showcasing 3D holograms of products, people and information. This calls for beautiful, interactive imagery that allows consumers to manipulate and engage with the 3D renderings.

SK Telecom has already given us a taste of what 3D ads might look like with 5G. Watch as a dragon circles above a live baseball game “terrorizing” fans. Although this simulation could only be seen through live sports broadcasting channels, it won’t be long before experiences like this will be projected as holograms in real-time. 

The Implications for Marketers

3D capabilities will inevitably impact the way agencies and marketers go about UX and content creation. For instance, new methods of navigation will need to be implemented in order to interact with multidimensional content. How will we scroll and select? Will it be voice recognition, visual cues, or something else entirely?

There’s also the issue of safety when it comes to 3D materializations. Safeguards and restrictions must be put in place to ensure physical safety, otherwise people may become so distracted by what’s virtually in front of them, that they forget what’s literally in front of them (like the edge of a cliff). 

Finally, content will become even more visual than it is today. Marketing emails will begin to look like works of art, as marketers compete for attention with 3D masterpieces. Text will become less prevalent, as stories will be primarily told through imagery and video. 

Upping the Digital Ante

While most conversations surrounding 5G have been about speed, it’s important to remember what speed means in terms of digital capabilities. Fast downloads are great, but a virtual dragon flying above your head at a baseball game? That’s something to write home about.

As futuristic technologies begin to pervade everyday life, our expectations will elevate along with them. A 5G world means less patience, even shorter attention spans and sky-high expectations. Marketers will need to up the ante in order to cut through the increasing noise and make an impact. The future is all about entertainment. So ask yourself: Are you ready?

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