Over 1.1 Billion Americans Can't Be Wrong, Yext Spokesman Todd Munion Is One Of Them

As society approaches peak disinformation, local search optimization firm Yext today rolls out a campaign that pokes fun at it to deliver a message about the authenticity of information sources, especially search results.

The campaign, which features a misinforming know-it-all "Todd," who hilariously distorts facts in a series of hilarious conversational scenarios.

"Oh, it is common," Todd Munion says leaning into a conversation he overheard about dry eyes at a nearby restaurant table in one of the 90-second spots.

"Over 1.1 billion Americans suffer from dry eyes," he continues.

The spot ends with Todd typing -- presumably onto some kind of online post -- and saying, "Black Friday falls on a Tuesday this year. You're welcome internet."

The spot ends with onscreen copy that we actually don't know the veracity of, but seems plausible: "82% of online information about brands is unverified. Because of people like Todd."


"Don't let Todd ruin your business."


"Get Yext, and deliver brand-verified answers."



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