Q&A: See What Keeps This Marketer Up At Night

Bob Land, VP/consumer engagement at Dorel Juvenile, a manufacturer of products for children, will speak at our Brand Insider Summit D2C on Kiawah Island, S.C., taking place Nov. 10 - 13. We caught up with him recently.

Q. What is the most important idea you hope attendees will take away from your presentation?

A. My hope is that the data that I present will provide -- in a word -- confidence. Over time, we’ve fortunately been exposed to visionary brands and leaders who have fortified our corporate confidence muscle. This courage translated to bolder experiments, shorter timelines and a willingness to stretch toward seemingly unreachable goals. My plan is to show enough actual data and practical, how-to scenarios to provide attendees with a working straw man of a successful digital transformation strategy.

Q. What's next on your personal or professional agenda?

A. We’re six years into transforming our legacy brand portfolio into a consumer-centric powerhouse and now have the ability to provide consumers with impressive product- and service-value propositions. Next, we combine our Operations excellence, our Consumer Care excellence and our machine learning-powered New Product Development engine to deliver unrivaled D2C experiences.

Our upcoming CDP will soon have enough underlying data from across the entire consumer pre- and post-purchase journey to make a huge impact in our consumers’ lives. 

Q. Which marketing challenge keeps you up at night?

A. I was told by a mentor one time that I have an amazing vision for marketing tech, digital transformations and am one of the few who can clearly see the distant mountain peak and relentlessly drive toward it.  (…and now with my head swollen to capacity, she added…"but Bob, when you reach that mountain top and turn around to high-five us, we’re still at base camp stirring our hot chocolate with our carabiners.") 

That’s been my recurring nightmare for many years now. That everything I count as progress is meaningless if I can’t convince everyone to hold hands. These days, I purposely pump the brakes, stop for training, let phases “bake in” and I am much more conscious of the journey.

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