ExxonMobil Targets Gen Z With 'Miniature Science' Campaign

ExxonMobil is introducing the company's first large-scale, all-digital effort—from BBDO-- targeting a younger audience.

The company isn't starting entirely from scratch. The primary messaging about ExxonMobil's energy innovations remains consistent across all age groups, but now, "Miniature Science" is a more-visual series of working demonstrations of these concepts.

One film, to that end, features a micro-scaled algae farm where algae is grown and harvested, its oil extracted and turned into biofuel, which is then used to power tiny engines. Another film shows a miniature landfill where decomposing food is turned into biogas, which is then used to generate electricity.

Younger viewers are visual learners and appreciate design, explains an agency representative. "They refuse to be sold to." 



Above all, Gen Z strongly embrace authenticity, so BBDO made sure there is no CGI or camera trickery involved with the content. Each miniature demonstration captured on film is real and scientifically accurate.

The digital and social campaign consists of four short films and teaser executions that drive to the films, which live on YouTube in a dedicated playlist. The campaign also appears on ExxonMobil YouTube as well as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and via a partnership with Awesomeness TV.

Concurrently, ExxonMobil is connecting with broader audiences by running corporate brand advertising during high-profile sporting events, including Sunday Night NFL Football, college football and NBA games.

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