Customer Lessons Learned from Co-op Insurance at MediaPost's EU Summit

They needed to leverage that relationship because people knew about Co-op, but they didn’t know about the insurance division. So they gave away £50 food vouchers. 

“We gave the customer what they wanted – they wanted to be a shopper at Co-op Food, they didn’t necessarily want coop insurance they needed it,” said Laura McKiernan, former marketing manager of general insurance for Co-op, at Email Insider Summit Europe earlier this year. “That kind of helped to meet our needs.”

The campaign generated a 164% return on investment, compared to company’s best CRM strategy campaigns, which only had about 13% ROI. 

When Co-op offered this incentive, it drove calls into the contact center. People called to ask how to get the vouchers, what the redemption mechanics looked like, what the restrictions were, whether they had to go online or call to sign up and when they should expect the food vouchers. The company responded to these calls and sent out triggered emails around these questions to get the conversation going.

“That’s what it became about was having that one-on-one conversation replicating what would have been happening over the phones,” said McKiernan.

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