Jaguar Enlists Hot Wheels For Vehicle Debut

Jaguar’s new F-Type made its world premiere in miniature form.

The 1:64-scale model sports car made a dramatic entrance on a custom-designed Hot Wheels track, making 25 loop-the-loops and three gravity-defying jumps and 44 corners along the 254 yards-long Hot Wheels orange track laid out around the Jaguar Design studio.

During its journey, it raced from a design review of original sketches, past digital renderings, color and materials samples and a clay model, revealing the details of the new F-Type’s design before coming to rest beside the real thing. The tiny vehicle reached scale speeds of up to 300 mph.

The automaker created a short film showing the journey. The creative reveal was teased by Jaguar UK via a tweet on Nov. 25.

Designers from Jaguar and Hot Wheels used the design data of the real car to craft the precise 3D-printed model, recreating every detail of the new vehicle.



“We are used to creating models in clay, but seeing such a finely detailed 1:64-scale model of the new F-Type race around the studio, showcasing every stage in our design process, was a truly unique experience,” says Julian Thomson, Jaguar design director, in a release. “As a designer and huge car enthusiast, Hot Wheels models have been a part of my life since childhood. They capture the imagination, make owning the car of your dreams a reality, and give you the first opportunity to actually ‘drive’ a car.”

Hot Wheels has worked with Jaguar for over 40 years, says Bryan Benedict, senior manager of product design at Hot Wheels.

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