Interactive Email Explored by Samsung Electronics

Interactive email can make emails current to the moment they are opened, not just when they are sent. This includes weather updates, real-time pricing and inventory on products being promoted. These engaging messages can also help consumers interact in ways typically associated more with landing pages than email. 

On a panel at our Email Insider Summit Europe earlier this year, Coen van de Ven, CRM & Loyalty Specialist Benelux at Samsung Electronics shared how to work with interactive emails.

First, you have to explain the customer benefits to the company stakeholders in order to get buy-in. “If it is a soft landing for the website, and you can interactively fill your profile, before you get the the website, stakeholders would get that and I think that that is important,” said van de Ven.

For van de Ven, using interactive emails to onboard a new customer and get them to sign up for an account is a benefit. They use the email to ask a question, which is then populated on the website, so that the signup process is more smooth.

It can also be used to help get people to interact with the products from the get-go. So for instance, if a person is shopping for a new kitchen, they could compile the items from various choices already in the email. They could choose from several popular ovens, fridges and cabinets, and then go to a landing page with an image of their selected kitchen.

Like any marketing tool, interactive email has to have a goal to track its success. While the likely KPI is conversion, since the conversion is likely to take place on a landing page or website, marketers should consider how to attribute these emails in order to measure outcomes. 

Learn more about interactive email at our upcoming Brand Insider Summit Europe 3-6 February in Kitzbuhl, Austria.

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