Verizon Media Streamlines DOOH Ad Solutions With New Offering

Verizon Media is unifying its digital-out-of-home (DOOH) solution for DOOH publishers, the company announced this week.

It combines Verizon Media’s DOOH capabilities of its SSP and DSP with a new integration with its digital signage. As a result, users can host, manage, stream and monetize content through one provider.

The resulting end-to-end content management and advertising stack is intended to boost revenue and optimize operations for DOOH publishers.

DOOH publishers can also track the number of impressions one ad play should count for as multiple people view a screen through Verizon Media’s Impression Multiplier Support.

“The DOOH opportunity has exploded,” stated Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media. “But DOOH publishers face an increasingly convoluted content management process plagued by rising costs and inefficiencies. Unlocking their content’s monetization potential is also a challenge, requiring them to build a pipeline to quality DOOH advertisers and to manage an ad tech stack."



The new solution is the latest coming from the company as it ramps up advertising offerings.

Earlier this year, the company unveiled new ad tech with publishing partner CafeMediathat offered new access solutions exclusive to Verizon Media DSP and Verizon Media SSP clients.

The new tech was created to promote trust and transparency through an evolution of private and programmatic guaranteed marketplaces.

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