65% Have Connected Cars, 54% Concerned About How Data Is Used

More consumers are getting connected car features, but with those features come rising concerns about the security of the data involved with them.

The majority (65%) of recent and intended car buyers already have one or more connected car features in their current car, according to a new study.

However, most (54%) of them are concerned about data security and how their data might be used, based on the study, comprising a survey of 2,000 recent and intended car buyers conducted by Engine Insights.

Aside from data issues, car owners are interested in learning more about where car innovation is heading.

For example, 65% are interested in understanding how companies handle the data and personal information of their customers, 54% on keeping up with innovations in technology in general and 50% in keeping up with innovations in vehicle technology, such as self-driving cars.



Connected car features vary widely, along with consumer interest in them.

For their next vehicles, the majority (54%) of consumers would want remote engine start and stop, 53% road assistance, 49% lane assist, 47% continuous vehicle health and performance, 47% park assist, 43% real-time vehicle location monitor, 41% WiFi hotspot provided by the vehicle, 34% Sirius Satellite radio, 26% vehicle syncs with home and 25% the vehicle syncs with all other devices owned.

The major issue carmakers will have to address relates to data. More than half (54%) of car owners say they think that data could be used in ways they would not like.

Trust is a major issue, with low marks across the board.

For trust in handling consumer data, Toyota ranked at 20% followed by Honda (19%), Chevrolet (16%), Ford (14%), Lexus (14%), Jeep (13%), Subaru (10%), Acura (6%) and Tesla (3%).

Along with connected car features, automakers and marketers will have to focus on the unseen, but critical, aspect of data trust.

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