Roku Stock Gets Dinged On News Of Amazon Dropping Dataxu, CFO Departing

Roku’s high-flying stock has been dinged over the last two days over news of set-top device/platform competitor Amazon Fire TV’s decision to drop Roku’s Dataxu platform and the departure of Roku’s chief financial officer.

Amazon dropped Roku’s recently acquired advertiser demand-side platform Dataxu from its list of third-party ad sales operations for selling advertising on its Amazon FireTV platform, according to a report in AdExchanger.

This reversed a decision that Amazon made in July allowing the selling of advertising on Fire TV through third-party demand-side platforms (DSPs). This included Dataxu and The Trade Desk.

Roku announced a $150 million cash deal to acquire Dataxu in late October.

The Trade Desk was also down in early Tuesday trading, off 2% to 248.78.

On Monday, Roku released news that CFO Steve Louden was departing, after being with the company for five years.  

In after-market trading on Monday, Roku stock was down 4%. Then on early-morning Tuesday trading, the stock was 2% lower to $135.69.

Year-to-date, Roku’s stock is up a massive 342%.




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