New Adobe Cloud Service Enables Faster Content Deployment, Firm Says

Adobe has launched Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, a tool it says allows brands to go live with dynamic content within a few weeks instead of the months now standard in the industry.   

The new service, part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, is designed for “mid-size companies and enterprises that are increasingly transforming to adopt advanced digital tools but need more simplicity and flexibility to support their changing business models,” states Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product marketing at Adobe. 

The solution enables companies to achieve faster ingestion time, an increase in administrative, zero downtime a surge in author productivity, Adobe claims.

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service offers agility, faster time to value and an improved experience, the company adds.   

One early adopter is Under Armour.

“Integration has been seamless,” states Ben Snyder, IT Product Owner at Under Armour. “Already our digital asset manager is running on cloud service and the time to upload our new season assets has been massively reduced.”



Another is Esri. “Instead of dealing with large-scale deployments of software updates to our site, Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service is constantly updating,” states Steve Schultz, Head of Marketing Technology at Esri.

This reduces the risk of errors, Schultz adds.




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