Tampa Bay, Seattle Invite Tourists To Come In From The Cold

Both Tampa Bay, Florida and Seattle are playing off cold weather to entice visitors to visit their respective cities.  

Visit Tampa Bay (VTB) is specifically targeting those living in the frigid Toronto, Canada by showing rich, bright blue hues and warm yellows to stand out against the gray winter sky. The photography features tanned paddle boarders, smiling kids in a splash pad, riding on roller coasters, close-ups with exotic animals, and relaxed travelers drinking craft beer under the tagline, “Tampa Bay is Florida’s Most Ways to Play.” 

The campaign, developed with FKQ Advertising + Marketing, appears via both internal and external signage on the city’s rideshare vehicles. In addition to wrapped cars, select trained drivers give riders a Tampa Bay visitor’s guide and then offer to provide more information about Tampa Bay. The visitor's guide itself is designed to be more than a magazine, with curated stories and photos. Passengers are encouraged to take the guide with them when they arrive at their destination. 



In addition, VTB and FKQ are partnering with Carvertise, the transit-based outdoor advertising company, for an added layer of geo-targeting with this campaign. After identifying devices of consumers exposed to the message in the cars, the campaign delivers them a digital ad so they can click to learn more about the region. 

Meanwhile, Visit Seattle recognizes most visitors aren’t likely to venture outdoors during February, which is why the city is promoting Museum Month to showcase its variety of indoor experiences.  

The creative, developed with PB&, is designed to contrast with its grey rainy climate by using a kaleidoscope of bright and vibrant colors. These images are placed under tourism information, including how travelers will receive 50% off admission at 40 museums if they stay at a downtown hotel.  

Sample the work here and here

This campaign runs nationally through OTT and digital channels and is supported by OOH in select markets.

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