Planters Declares Mr. Peanut Dead

In the latest teaser spot from Planters, the venerable Mr. Peanut meets a horrible end. He’s driving the Nut Mobile on a winding mountain road with passengers Mark Walsh ("Veep") and Wesley Snipes. He swerves to avoid running over an armadillo. The Nut Mobile topples over the edge, but the trio manage to bail out and are seen hanging on a tree limb over the cliff. 

That’s when the unthinkable happens and the 104-year-old nut seemingly falls to his doom, landing on the vehicle which then explodes.

As one Planters tweet puts it: “It’s important that we all stay strong during this emotional time.” Tissue anyone? 

Mr. Peanut may be dead for now, but I’m betting he makes a miraculous recovery. Remember the death of the Bud Knight in an ad in last year’s Super Bowl? Two months later and boom, he was back making mayhem in more ads. 

They’re not getting rid of Mr. Peanut that easily.

But then, that’s not the point is it?

What you’re reading is the point and dozens or hundreds of other accounts of Mr. P’s pregame demise. Racking up the owned and earned media impressions is the point. Well played, Planters. Mission accomplished.




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