Q&A With A&W's Liz Bazner

The director of digital at A&W Restaurants will present a case study on building the cost-per-visit media plan at our Brand Insider Summit QSR Feb. 16 - 19 in Scottsdale, Arizona. We caught up with her earlier this week.

Q. What is the most important idea you hope attendees will take away from your presentation?

A. Even though it's not necessarily the most exciting part of the advertising process, it's really important to have a solid digital infrastructure in place in order to optimize your media plans.

You can have incredible content and perfect ad placement, but if your owned platforms aren't performing as well as they should, that's likely going to have a negative impact on your campaign overall. 

Q. What's next on your personal or professional agenda?

A. Professionally, two things I'd love to accomplish in the coming months for the A&W brand are solidifying our local Facebook presence and revamping our email marketing program. We're going through the process of verifying all of our local restaurant pages under our brand page, which is a tedious process but will help unify our brand and improve our local targeting abilities significantly.

It's been a year or so since we've done a really deep dive into our email marketing program, and I think we've got a lot of opportunity to improve our content and get more feedback from our consumers on a regular basis. 

Q. Which marketing challenge keeps you up at night?

A. I think that we're just starting to see some of the repercussions that data privacy regulations will bring, and I imagine that digital advertising will need to evolve quite a bit in the next few years to adjust.

For the most part digital advertising has not been subject to too many policies or guidelines, especially when it comes to targeting and leveraging consumer data, and I believe that we'll see that change significantly in a pretty short period of time.

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