Newgen Upgrades Its Email Creation Suite

Newgen Software Inc. has released an updated version of its customer communication suite, allowing users to create and manage HTML email communications. 

The enhanced platform, OmniOMS 8.6,, allows firms to “enable their customers' journeys by delivering personalized, targeted and consistent communications across all the touchpoints," states Diwakar Nigam, CEO of Newgen Software.  

OmniOMS 8.6 is supported on Windows 2012/2016 (64 bit) Enterprise Server and RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x, 7.x platforms, the company says. And it provides cloud support for AWS and Azure environments.

According to Newgen, the new version also provides these features:

  • Web designer for emailers — This facilitates HTML designing and includes the ability to apply tables, images, buttons, text, hyperlinks, decision table, rules, borders, etc. within the email body 
  • Multi-device preview for HTML reports — Users can preview HTML reports and visualize rendering on multiple devices, including phone, tablet, and desktop.
  • Auto-scaling of generation services on cloud deployments.
  • Table feature enhancements, including options for data masking, date-time format, user queries definition.
  • Whitelisting support, a framework for better security.



Nigam says: "In the era of digital, enterprises need to reinvent customer experience by delivering the right message in the right context, and at the right time.”

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