Google To Invest $10 Billion In U.S. This Year On Data Centers, Offices

Google announced Wednesday that it will invest more than $10 billion in 11 U.S. states, which should strengthen its position in the industry. 

The investment focuses on data centers and offices. Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai predicts that the move will create thousands of jobs, including roles within Google.

Other jobs include some in construction for data centers and renewable energy facilities, and opportunities in local businesses in surrounding towns and communities, he wrote in a blog post.

From a map in the post, Google will add around 13 data centers and 19 offices throughout the United States.

Tax incentives typically lure large corporations into their state. For example, in Oklahoma, businesses can choose between a cash incentive or tax-credit package. In some cases that business might qualify for both.

Google made a $600 million investment in Pryor, Oklahoma, last year, the company’s fourth expansion since 2007.

Today’s announcement builds on the $13 billion investment in communities from South Carolina to Nevada, which Google made last year. Combined with research and development investments, Google’s parent Alphabet was the largest investor in the U.S. last year, according to a report from the Progressive Policy Institute.  

There is also a plan to distribute $1 billion already committed for Bay Area housing. In the first six months of this commitment, Google helped to create more than 380 new affordable housing units in the Bay Area, including an investment in a development focused on affordable and inclusive housing for adults with disabilities.

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