CloudEngage Enhances Data Personalization Suite

CloudEngage, a web conversion and personalization platform, has debuted an enhanced version of its software suite.

Version 5.0 features several capabilities, including email integration and web personalization based on email engagement.

The goal is to help clients save time and money, and to “create an integrated and secure suite of marketing applications, allowing our partners to increase web conversion rates without fear," states Paul Wagner, CloudEngage CEO.

Wagner claims that overworked marketing teams “feel like they’re being fleeced” by some providers in this space.

According to Cloud Engage, the expanded suite includes:

  • The ability to combine actionable audience segments to drive more effective personalization
  • Data network features that allow groups with multiple URLS to aggregate audience insights for cross-domain personalization.
  • Faster personalization at scale
  • Private stack option for enterprise accounts, including completely self-contained data environments.
  • Automated generation of segments based on product detail pages.
  • Automatic personalization based on price, color and other consumer preferences.
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