WongDoody Helps UNC Recruit Moms For PPD Study

As part of its pro bono efforts this year agency WongDoody is supporting an important study that’s being undertaken by the University of North Carolina on postpartum depression (PPD). 

It’s a mood disorder that comedians sometime work into their routines but it’s no laughing matter.  PPD is the number one cause of maternal mortality from suicide. 

The study is looking at the role that genetics may play in the disorder. 

The university needs 100,000 moms to participate in the study and WD is supporting the recruitment effort with a video and other outreach efforts. Women can visit this website to download an app to see if they are eligible to participate. 

The "Mom Genes Fight PPD" campaign isn’t targeting just new moms, but all mothers whether their child is a newborn or 50 years old. The university is asking women who’ve had PPD symptoms in the past or present to see if they qualify for the research. 

The PSA plays off the homophones genes and jeans and looks like a lighthearted mom’s jeans spot at first, before taking a dark emotional pivot. Have a look here.



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