Some B2B Brands Are Falling Short On Personalization: Study

B2B marketers believe in personalization. But many have not fully achieved it, according to a new study from Folloze, a B2B personalized marketing platform, conducted by Propeller Insights.

Of those polled, 42% say their marketing efforts are not fully personalized, and 39% acknowledge that their current personalization strategy is only somewhat sophisticated.

The reason may be that 60% are not deploying AI or machine learning to personalize their marketing. And another 21% are failing to use customer data to personalize content designed to increase sales.

However, 77% believe personalized marketing leads to better customer relationships, and 55% that it produces higher conversion rates and future growth.

Email remains a big part of B2B outreach — when done well. Typographical errors sabotage email efforts, according to 66%. And 21% object to use of the word “urgent.”

However, 31% say that getting a personalized makes them feel interested, while 18% say it gives them a happy feeling and 12% say it shows someone “gets me.”



Meanwhile, 54% believe it’s harder to achieve personalization in B2B than B2C. As to why, 51% believe it’s easier to reach potential customers in B2C. In addition, 37% say B2C marketers have better budgets and 28% that more B2C brands are digital.

“As companies double down on Account Based Marketing, many are still struggling to achieve the level of personalization at scale that customers expect,” states Randy Brasche, VP of marketing at Folloze.

Propeller Insights surveyed 205 marketing and sales professionals. 

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