Scammers Are Sending Fake COVID-19 Insurance Offers, Group Warns

Bad actors have been fielding a new type of swindle during the COVID-19 crisis: fake insurance offers, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

The fraudulent pitches are being made through phishing emails and rob calls, the group warns. The objective is to steal people’s medical and financial identities, it warns.

The swindles include:

  • Bogus COVID-19 insurance  
  • Bogus agents
  • Free vaccines, special virus tests or kits
  • Senior scams
  • False insurance cancelation
  • Bogus travel insurance
  • Free vaccines, special virus tests or kits 
  • Senior care packages

The Coalition advises consumers to deal only with known and reputable insurance agents, and not to respond to robo-calls or spam emails.




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