Consumers Are Jaded Over Retailer COVID-19 Messages, Study Shows

Retailer emails about the coronavirus may be backfiring.

Among consumers, 43% feel they all sound the same “and are losing their impact,” according to a new study by Digital Commerce 360.

Moreover, 5% say the messages heighten their fear of visiting physical stores and 4% say they are causing them to order more online, and 13% don’t read them. But 35% find them comforting.

Overall, 69% say their ecommerce habits have remained the same throughout most of the COVID-19 crisis.

Predictably, the main items now being purchased are: Food/drug (39%), disease prevention products (24%) and home goods (21%).

Sporting goods, jewelry, pet products and health and beauty aids all rank in the low single digits. 

Consumers seem unconcerned about shortages during thee quarantine — 56% don’t anticipate them. But some shoppers expect trouble getting household supplies (32%), disinfectant (24%), cleaning products (24%), food (21%) and medicine (17%).

For their part, retailers are concerned — 49% see some downside revenue implications and 9% fear they will be significant. 

To date, 32% say their business is down somewhat because of the virus, 4% report that it is down significantly and 26% say the effect is as projected. 

Yet 30% say revenue is up somewhat, and 8% say it has risen significantly. 

Meanwhile, 48% of retailers are in touch with suppliers about the merchandise flow.

Digital Commerce 360 surveyed 1,046 online shoppers and 304 retailers.


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