Agencies Unveil Platforms To Assist Communities With Logistics, eCommerce Skills

With many clients postponing campaigns, agencies are spending their time creating projects that utilize their skills to help those affected by COVID-19.

N/A Collective is issuing a call-to-action for the events industry, both companies and individuals with expertise in this field to use their knowledge and ability for good during the COVID-19 crisis. The Can Help/Needs Help website, developed with Oztech Media, brand consultant Josh Ingram and artist Natalie Sun, serves as a match-maker to connect event industry leaders and individuals who can volunteer their skill sets to those in need.

The platform debuts under “intake mode” through April 6 to build a database of volunteers. Then, the goal will be to help hospitals, non-profits, and other humanitarian organizations.



“There is an entire industry of skilled professionals with untapped knowledge in logistics and event operations who are out of work due to the cancellation of conferences, festivals, trade shows, and we know the entire experiential marketing community will see this as an opportunity to step in to help,” explains Chiara Adin Moore, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at N/A Collective.

Portland, ME-based digital shop iBec Creative is launching an open application to support local businesses that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and that need help transforming their business to the digital world. On Wednesday, April 8, agency leaders will select one Maine-based business to be the recipient of 20 hours' worth of free services. Applications are open through April 3.

“So many companies are scrambling to find new ways to keep revenue flowing from their customers and they have little budget to do so. We want to help,” says Becky McKinnell, founder and CEO of iBec Creative. “We have the team that can guide them and quickly launch a new digital experience.”

Similarly, more than 500 e-commerce agencies, marketers, shipping logistics companies are joining forces to help accelerate the online platform development for small and mid-sized businesses worldwide. Among the e-commerce platforms represented are BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify.

The platform is designed to centralize information and assistance to help those who are unfamiliar with the process of creating an online store or who need help optimizing their online sales. It also serves as a visibility tool for those affiliated with e-commerce development to solicit work opportunities.
The site benefits both parties. Businesses needing help or advice can visit this site and complete a short request form. Upon submission, the request will be forwarded to the agency best suited to help. They can also visit here to browse a list of agencies to contact directly. Most services are paid. .

This project came together in 72 hours as the online community recognized a vital need for their collective services. “As small business owners ourselves, we know the gut-wrenching reality these businesses are facing as states and countries introduce lockdowns. We couldn’t sit idly by and knew that our colleagues in the commerce community were all looking for ways to help,” said the site founding organizers, Karen Baker, CEO, ShipperHQ, and Kelly Vaughn, CEO, The Taproom.

Lastly, Berlin Cameron’s #TakingCareOfSmallBusinesses project pairs small business owners with experts from the agency’s creative talent base as well as outside fields in PR, legal, business, HR, finance and mental health. For instance, one owner recently wondered if a small business who only hires contractors can apply for new small business loans offered for COVID-19 relief.

People post their questions via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and email and the agency will try to respond within 24 hours. They can also choose to DM with questions if they’d prefer to keep correspondence private.


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