New Self-Regulatory Program Aims To Speed Up Decisions Over Online Ads

The ad industry's self-regulatory program has launched a new initiative aimed at speeding up decisions in cases where advertisers are accused of running problematic online ads, including ones that violate endorsement guidelines.

The BBB National Program's National Advertising Division will now allow advertisers, and other complainants, to fast-track disputes regarding inadequate disclosures in influencer marketing and native advertising, misleading price and sales claims, and misleading claims that don't require complex reviews.

Those fast-tracked claims will be addressed by the NAD within 20 days, as opposed to the typical four-to-six months.

“We're hoping that the advertising industry uses this to address issues like native advertising, influencer advertising, the misleading use of consumer reviews,” Laura Brett, vice president of the National Advertising Division, says.

Brett adds that advertisers have said they haven't typically brought these types of claims as stand-alone complaints because the typical dispute process takes too long.

“When there are narrow issues that a challenger wants to address quickly, this is at least a tool for them to do that,” she says. “We heard from the industry this was a tool they needed.”



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