38% Spend Cryptocurrency To Buy Food, 34% Clothes: Study

Most cryptocurrency users focus on using the digital money for day-to-day purchases, according to a new study.

The majority (72%) of cryptocurrency users have spent it on day-to-day purchases, according to the survey of 983 consumers familiar with digital currency conducted by Visual Objects.

More than a third (38%) spend cryptocurrency to buy food and 34% use it to buy clothes.

About a quarter (26%) of people have spent their crypto on weapons and 11% on drugs, according to the survey.

The leading currency owned is bitcoin (70%), followed by Ethereum (27%), Litecoin (20%) and Dogecoin (15%).

Despite the actual usage, nearly half (40%) of people think cryptocurrency is used to purchase stocks, 30% for illegal items, 23% for electronics, 21% for gold and 15% for clothing.

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