MNI Targeted Media Launches Cannabis-Focused Programmatic Ad Exchange

Cannabis industry marketers have a new programmatic option with the launch of MNI Targeted Media Inc.’s CannabX. The turnkey solution powered by MNI’s programmatic ad exchange MNIx serves those working across the cannabis industry, including dispensaries, brands and production companies.

Marketers can access pre-approved CBD and THC display and pre-roll ad placements for more than 15,000 publishers through the exchange, while taking advantage of advanced targeting tactics like geo-fencing, behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, site retargeting, search history targeting and mobile app data targeting.

Marketers are also able to track user activities — such as allowing a dispensary to measure cart checkouts and view impact of ads — and optimize campaigns through advanced attribution.

Ahead of the launch, MNI partnered with several cannabis-centric advertisers with a range of campaign objectives to test results using MNI’s proprietary tech stack The Omnipoint System, which allows MNI and its users to determine targets and place ads in compliance with state regulations.



Studying the results, advertisers have been able to adjust where and when units are served based on performance metrics.

“We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit and ability to support businesses of all sizes. The green rush is here, and it is important for us to support these early-stage players as they navigate the world of digital marketing,” stated Brooke Willcox, director of digital media at MNI.

“We see the industry’s clear potential and look forward to building longstanding and valuable partnerships with both startups and well-established cannabis companies.”

MNI Targeted Media is a division of Meredith Corp.

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