Brand Safety Institute Names BabyCenter Veteran 'Officer In Residence'

The industry organization Brand Safety Institute has tapped Christine Desrosiers, formerly of BabyCenter, to serve in the newly created position “Brand Safety Officer in Residence.”

Desrosiers, a member of the Brand Safety Institute's board of advisors, previously directed programmatic at BabyCenter and currently runs the San Francisco-based consultancy Double Bagel.

Her duties will include helping the Brand Safety Institute develop a digital resource library, and advancing the group's certification curriculum.

The Brand Safety Institute was founded in 2018 by two leaders of other industry programs -- Mike Zaneis, CEO of the Trustworthy Accountability Group, and Neal Thurman, director of the Coalition for Better Ads.

Last June, the organization rolled out a certification program aimed at educating marketing and advertising executives about the best ways to ensure that ads are placed on appropriate sites.



The group currently offers instruction in 10 subjects -- including combating ad fraud, ad-supported piracy and malware.

Desrosiers says she hopes the new resource library will allow brand safety officers to get information from each other about topics such as the best anti-malware protocols.

Those protocols could include everything from technical specifications for publishers to a blueprint for collaboration among a website's tech engineers, customer service representatives and marketing personnel, she says.

She says she also plans to hold “office hours,” when she will consult with members, but adds that the details have not yet been determined.

“There are so many bad actors,” she says, referring to the proliferation of malware and other well-publicized problems in the online advertising marketplace. “There's so much going on out there, I want to be part of a solution.”

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