Shopper Agency Unveils Device To Combat 'Pandemic Anxiety'

Just as numerous states are preparing to lift lockdown orders and allow nonessential businesses to open up again Miami-based shopper agency Outform has unveiled a new temperature reading device for the retail sector.

Based on infrared thermopile technology It’s called the iDisplay, which can be set up at a store’s entrance to take temperatures of people entering the premises. It also includes facial recognition technology. The device screen alerts anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater (the threshold fever for a potential COVID-19 case) that they have a fever. Store personnel are alerted as well.

“Hygiene and social distancing is going to be crucial in the coming months and is likely to be an ingrained behavior for years to come,” says Ariel Haroush, CEO at Outform.  He adds that the unit will help “combat pandemic anxiety once lockdown is lifted.”

All part of the new normal, I guess.

More on the iDisplay thermometer can be found here.




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