Another Celebration Upended By The Pandemic-Happy Mother's Day!

2020 is shaping up to be a lost year in many ways, isn’t it?

And now Mom’s special day is about to get the Zoom treatment in many parts of the country where shutdown restrictions are still in place. No fancy brunches unless Dad and the kids are mighty handy in the kitchen.

Takeout is a good option though — nobody has to cook. And as we all know, the restaurant industry definitely can use the business. So that’s a win-win.

Here are a couple of different takes from marketers and agencies celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Microsoft and McCann are out with a video celebrating “all the moms who are making it work, showing real moms working at home via Microsoft Teams, while surrounded by their new reality.”

No doubt moms making it work deserve to be saluted. What they truly deserve is an escape from the new reality but hey, let’s focus on what we can control, right? This video keeps it real in a relatable way.



New York independent creative agency Yard NYC has an alternative take on this year’s Mother’s Day.

Yard’s “Leave Mom the Fuck Alone” campaign, well the title says it all. And who can blame her? A day off from everything and everybody? Now you’re talking my lingo.

The effort includes a social-media campaign, an animated film and custom merchandise, including tote bags and digital swag. Aside from the cheeky attitude, the sweetest part of this effort is that all proceeds will be donated to charity to help mothers affected by the pandemic. 

Typical mom, always giving in some way or another.

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