Facebook Lets Users Send Marketing Emails Through Pages App: Reports

Facebook is offering a service that allows users to send marketing emails through their Facebook Pages app. But they have to supply their own email addresses.

The feature appeared over the weekend, according to Social Media Today.

Social media observer Meg Coffey tweets: “Send marketing emails from your page? What new sorcery is this Facebook?!”

Coffey includes a screen shot of the offering, which says: “Send Marketing Emails From Your Page.” 

It continues: “Reconnect with your email subscriber using marketing emails. Select your audience, customize your design an track performance all in one place. Confirm your page’s email address to get started.”

Users are prompted to enter contacts with email addresses. Once that is done, they can enter subject lines, preview text and headlines.  

It was not clear at deadline whether Facebook will offer segmentation and personalization capabilities based on behavior on its platform and elsewhere.



Social Media Today writes that you “compose your emails in the system, which is something of an advantage, but other than that, the process is no different to any other CRM software - you upload the contact info, compose the email, then send it out en masse.” 

Coffey continues: “This is definitely new to me and only available on one account so far.” 

To which Tejas Rane tweets: “Is this a new threat to email service providers?” 

Coffey replies: “I’d say for the smaller businesses it’s definitely a new option. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.”

Rene responds, “Yes. Can be pretty useful or them. Wonder if they add any more improvements later such as automated emails, it can be a game changer.”



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