UK Consumers Say: We Want More COVID-19 Email

This may or may not be equally true in the U.S, but UK consumers are a sentimental lot when it comes to email.

A study by Pure350 and EmailExpert shows that 11.6% of respondents miss emails from brands they no longer hear from. 

In addition, 18.2% want more COVID-19-related emails from brands. 

But it depends on their age — 23% of 18- to-24-year-olds feel that way, and 22% of those ages 45-64.

In contrast, only 14% of 25- to-34-year-olds seek more COVID-19 emails, and 9.2% of those in the 35-44 age category. In addition, 20% of men feel that way, along with 16% of women.

And 23% of consumers in Wales concur, as do 18.9% of those in England, 12.5% of consumers in Northern Ireland and 10.6% in Scotland.

Of the consumers polled, 63% are satisfied with the number of COVID-19 messages and the remainder think some brands are sending too many.

Among millennials, 38.2% in Scotland want more COVID-19 emails, while as do 35.7% in Wales, 20% in Ireland and 13.9% in England.

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