Empower's Brand Lab Launches New Product Tied To COVID-19 Relief

Cincinnati-based agency Empower is utilizing its in-house product development unit, Brand Lab, led by agency senior vice president Mitch Dunn to raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts.

Brand Lab has created a new “All In Together” bracelet that it is selling for $5. It’s created a website where people can buy the bracelet or make a donation.

All net proceeds are being dispersed to a number of COVID-19 relief organizations including The Opportunity Fund, CDC Foundation and Feeding America. Consumers can decide which organization they want their purchase to benefit. 

The agency has lined up several media partners who are donating airtime an ad space to promote the bracelets and relief effort. They include Lamar and Norton (OOH), Cumulus and iHeartMedia (radio) and digital companies Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Spotify, Healthline and Evite.

The agency launched Brand Lab in 2019 to create direct-to-consumer products and lifestyle brands like InnerCoastal  and to learn about the D2C market along the way. The knowledge gained helps to better serve clients who might be competing against D2C companies.



With the "All In" bracelet the lab is learning lots about purpose-driven platforms as well.

“All In Together bracelets bond us together when we’re apart,” said Dunn. “They’re physical reminders that we’re in this as one. The power of unity won’t solve everything, but we’ll get nowhere without it.” 

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