TrustArc And BigID Unite To Drive Privacy Compliance

TrustArc is partnering with BigID in a move to help brands protect personal and sensitive data as part of ongoing privacy compliance.

The arrangement combines TrustArc’s Privacy Management Platform with BigID’s data discovery capabilities.  

The firms hope to “bring clarity and intelligence to the complex data privacy regulatory environments,” states Nimrod Vax, co-founder and chief product officer of BigID.

According to TrustArc clients can leverage this partnership to:

  • Take action on privacy based on analysis of cloud software, files, Big Data, traditional data stores and of data platforms
  • Automate their discovery, classification, and inventorying of personal data across the enterprise
  • Automate the management of consumer and data subject access requests

“Maintaining data privacy reduces the risk businesses incur while simultaneously unlocking the business value of that data,” states Michael Lin, SVP product and engineering at TrustArc.



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