T-Mobile Offers Free Subscriptions To 'The Athletic'

T-Mobile is partnering with The Athletic to offer a free, year-long subscription to the digital sports news publisher.

T-Mobile is also offering customers a free one-year subscription to MLB.TV, which broadcasts baseball games live and on demand.

The Athletic says its subscriber base is now around 1 million. The site is ad-free and accessible only with a subscription. The brand also produces nearly 150 podcasts.

Both subscriptions usually cost $60 a year.

Because T-Mobile acquired Sprint in April, Sprint customers will also get these offers, which are both available through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, the phone carrier’s perks program.



Android and iOS users can grab their free subscriptions to MLB.TV and The Athletic  until Tuesday, August 4.

The deal comes as the shortened MLB 2020 season started back up on July 23. 

T-Mobile has offered the MLB.TV service free to subscribers for several years. Last year, T-Mobile customers streamed 17 million hours of MLB.TV, according to Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile.

This is the first year The Athletic has partnered with T-Mobile, in an effort to reach new audiences.

In January, The Athletic raised $50 million. In total, the company has raised $139.5 million since its launch in 2016.

But live sports were effectively cancelled once the global pandemic hit, affecting The Athletic’s new subscriber growth and podcast advertising revenue.

Last month, The Athletic let go of 46 people, or about 8% of its staff, and most staffers had to take at least a 10% pay cut.

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