'Bloomberg,' 'The Athletic' Offer Bundled Subscriptions

Starting today, new Bloomberg.com subscribers will receive a free trial to The Athletic’s sports coverage.

There are two options for the bundled subscription.



New Bloomberg subscribers who pay $290 for the annual digital subscription can get free access to The Athletic for six months, while those that choose to pay $1.99 monthly for a digital Bloomberg subscription get three months of free access to the sports news site.

This is also a discount — normally, an annual subscription to Bloomberg is $415 a year, and a monthly subscription is $34.99 a month. An annual subscription to The Athletic is about $60.

Bloomberg Media’s digital news network QuickTake (formerly known as TicToc) has also partnered with The Athletic to feature their reporters and coverage of business, culture and the technology of sports, according to Axios.

In February, Bloomberg Media announced a subscription bundle with business and tech publisher The Information. Like The Athletic, The Information's site is ad-free and accessible only with a subscription.

Last month, T-Mobile partnered with The Athletic to offer a free, year-long subscription to the digital sports news publisher.

Subscriptions bundles are a way for digital publishers to reach new audiences.

The Athletic says its subscriber base is around 1 million.

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