Levelwing Lassos Spur Account, Focus On Helping Hourly Workers

Spur is appointing Levelwing as the HR/payroll provider’s first agency of record. The remit includes creative, media, analytics, content strategy and development and SEO.

This agency relationship comes at a pivotal time for the Alabama-based startup, which can capitalize on COVID-19 business disruptions. The company seeks to serve as the go-to resource for business backend operations, such as managing hourly worker schedules, healthcare, W-2 filing and time cards. The tech-savvy company offers perks, such as the ability to pay hourly workers on a daily basis.

“There are 80 million U.S. hourly workers who are underserved and need ways to improve their financial well-being,” says Glenn Clayton, founder-CEO, Spur.” With Levelwing’s digital-marketing expertise, we can reach our goal of partnering with employers to help provide these essential workers with financial products and services and other employment benefits that help them live more full and happy lives. It’s a win-win for these workers and the businesses that depend on them.”



Levelwing landed the assignment through personal relationships and business connections. Although the two sides were already in the planning stages for their first campaign before the pandemic, this disruption benefits its core creative proposition: to save money for business owners and simplify the on-boarding process for hourly workers.

The first wave of creative debuted in July with some of the media budget aimed at LinkedIn, targeted through company size and location, explains Jeff Adelson-Yan, president-cofounder, Levelwing.

Thus far, he says, the campaign has had resonance with employers seeking to save time and money while simplifying HR. Levelwing is continuing to analyze the data to adjust and scale its strategy to better performing media and creative messaging. 

The campaign is set to run throughout 2020-2021, with Levelwing “closely analyzing” digital channels to adjust its strategy to better performing media and creative messaging.

Founded in 2017, Spur recently raised more than $14 million in a Series A funding round with participation from Mark Bezos and John Griffin, founder of Blue Ridge Capital, and Third Prime.

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