Clarity Media Launches Digital Newspaper 'The Denver Gazette'

Clarity Media Group is debuting a daily, subscription-based news site called The Denver Gazette.

Billing itself as an “interactive newspaper,” the site will begin publishing on September 14.

The Denver Gazette has 50+ staffers and contributors and will publish news, investigative journalism and local opinion pieces.

Every morning at 5 a.m., The Denver Gazette will distribute a digital newspaper to readers’ inboxes, with integrated video, audio and other multimedia content.

The publication will be led by publisher Chris Reen, editor Vince Bzdek, news editor Jim Bates and digital editor Chuck Hickey. 



"We've long considered publishing a Denver newspaper," stated Ryan McKibben, president and CEO of Clarity Media Group, a Denver-based media company that also owns Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado Politics, Out There Colorado and The Washington Examiner.

"The timing and market dynamics aligned, making this the ideal time to launch a next-generation newspaper that will satisfy a growing demand for trustworthy, locally-owned journalism,” he continued.

Readers can register on The Denver Gazette site to get free access for three months. After the free trial, the publisher is offering an introductory subscription rate of $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

News pages will be free of advertising. 

Readers will be able to adjust text size and listen to audio versions of articles. The Denver Gazette will also have a dedicated app.

"Now, more than ever, Coloradans need trusted, fact-based, balanced and non-agenda driven journalism,” Reen stated.

“Since our purchase of The Gazette in Colorado Springs in 2012, our staff has won over 400 national and local journalism awards,” he added.

The Denver Gazette will cover city hall and the statehouse, sports, suburban and statewide issues, business, national and international news, outdoor trends and entertainment. 

It will also include a regular feature looking back at historically significant moments through archived articles and imagery from The Rocky Mountain News, which was published in Denver for nearly 150 years until its closure in 2009. 

In May, McClatchy launched a local news site in Longmont, Colorado. Called The Longmont Leader, the site is funded by Google News Initiative’s Local Experiments Project, which supports McClatchy’s Compass Experiment, aimed at exploring sustainable business models for local publishers.
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