Fiverr Launches New Campaign, Overhauls Branding

With COVID-19 transforming the freelance industry, Fiverr is launching a new brand campaign and overhauling its identity to connect with struggling small business owners.

The “It Starts Here” campaign showcases three real-life businesses as they have navigated the pandemic, particularly highlighting how they have adapted to the digital world through the use of Fiverr’s services.

The non-scripted creative follows a hydroponic farm, a pizzeria chain (that also operates as a community center), and an antique store as they seek out the help and support of Fiverr global freelancers.

All photos are Fiverr community members working in their environments, whether it’s in their retail store or home office. “We wanted to capture them in their element, providing a real view into their world,” explains Duncan Bird, Vice President of Brand and Digital at Fiverr.

The platform worked with Bindery, a commercial and video production company, to help identify these three businesses.



The work includes a variety of short-form video ad spots running across digital streaming channels, as well as social media and national TV. Fiverr’s social channels will include longer form videos on YouTube and Instagram Stories will provide a more in-depth look at each of the three firms.

Concurrently, Fiverr is evolving its brand identity after 10 years to maintain the original essence, but broadening the color palette, as well as introducing bolder new typefaces, a typographic system plus a bespoke word marque. The logo is also getting tweaked, with the color green remaining, but designers have created three new hues for different use cases.

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