Denver Ad Shops Launch Mental Health Platform To Help Adlanders Deal With Pandemic-Related Trauma

Denver-based creative agency Cactus has applied its knowledge of the mental health and wellness space to create a new platform called You At Agency. It’s designed to help agencies and staffers cope with the traumas that have been inflicted upon the industry by the pandemic.

It was developed in partnership with sibling digital agency Grit Digital Health, a specialist in behavioral-health technology.

You At Agency is a portal for mental-wellness tools and resources with information designed specifically to help those in the industry adversely affected by the economic downturn.

Cactus and GDH are offering You At Agency with free licensing and at-cost customization/set up for agencies looking to help their employees cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

“The pressure-packed nature of agency life has always made it difficult for employees to maintain their mental health and wellness,” says Jeff Graham, President-CMO at Cactus. “Layer on pandemic-driven anxiety and tens of thousands of agency job losses and furloughs, and the need for a tool like You At Agency has never been greater.”



Cactus first deployed the technology that drives the platform a few years back, when it created ManTherapy as a mental-health platform targeting working-age men.

A few years later, the agency applied the technology to a mental-health platform for college students, You At College. That platform is now white-labeled by 120 colleges nationwide.

As with You At College, the agency platform can also be white-labeled and customized for a specific agency. For instance, the version Cactus uses internally is called You At Cactus, with agency branding and agency-specific information.

“We hope that offering You At Agency now can help agencies take better care of their employees, and help employees practice some needed self-care during this unprecedented time,” Graham said.



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