The Rough-And-Tumble Life Of A New York Giants Fan

It’s not easy being a New York Giants fan these days.

The lowly Giants have won exactly zero games this year and have a firm grasp on last place in the NFC East.

But it’s even tougher being a Giants cardboard cutout fan, as this humorous spot from Wieden + Kennedy NY (directed by David Shane) for Bud Light shows.

In the pursuit of a cold one, this fan gets stomped on, hit by a bus and tossed in the garbage. It’s OK though, like I said, he’s cardboard and resilient. In the end, not only does he get his Bud Light (OK, a fake one, like him), he gets to witness something quite rare these days — a Giants touchdown.

It’s a clever piece of work, deftly touching on COVID-19 culture in the sports space without getting weepy and mentioning “these uncertain times” once. A nice little break from all the sad, serious and surreal events that have dominated the year.  A fun, creative commercial break, which is what many more ads should strive for, right?

The spot will air during Sunday afternoon NFL games.



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