SparkPost Upgrade Helps Brands Identify Spam Trap Emails By Subject Line

Email Delivery platform SparkPost has debuted enhancements to its Global Spam Trap Network, including the ability to determine which emails are landing in spam traps by subject line.  

The network flags spam triggers based on email communications or unengaged email inboxes. It also reports unrecognized IPs, trap hit times, domain origins, IPs and subject lines, the company says. 

SparkPost has also added two natively built sources of spam trap data — 'SparkPost Active and Passive' spam traps.

These help companies “diagnose list acquisition and hygiene issues which, left unchecked, can have disastrous deliverability impacts,” says George Schlossnagle, co-founder and chief evangelist at SparkPost.

SparkPost has three existing sources: Microsoft SNDS feed, Cloudmark, and Abusix.

The overall goal is to help email marketers “spot problems earlier, and make necessary changes quickly enough so every email campaign is effective,” Schlossnagle says. 

The technology identifies active and passive traps. On the passive side, the firm uses DNS techniques to detect domains on other providers’ active networks, it says. 





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