Genexa Teams With Nintendo Game For 'Clean Mission'

Pharmaceutical company Genexa is raising awareness for what it calls the first “clean” company in the pharma space with an activation in Nintendo game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” 

Working with the agency Co: Collective, the effort includes the creation of a virtual island within the game. 

This activation is part of Genexa's #DitchTheDirty campaign, and invites a limited number of Animal Crossing players to sign up for a completely guided tour of the island from October 26 - October 28 from 3-7 PM ET. Potential guests are directed to direct message @Genexa on Twitter or Instagram for access. 

The integration is designed to connect with young gamers with humor and a few easter eggs, particularly involving Tom Nook, the game’s sole shop owner and seller of medicines which feature allergens, dyes and high fructose corn syrup. 



In addition, gaming influencers, including AbdallahSmash026 and Kang Gaming, will be invited to tour “Genexa Island,” learn about clean medicine, and share their favorite highlights on their social media channels. 

These influencers will also encourage followers to visit the island to take a tour, plus they can receive vouchers at the in-game “Genexa pharmacy” that can be redeemed for real Genexa products at

Once the campaign ends, the island will remain available on Animal Crossing as a ‘Dream Address’, meaning anyone can experience it after this week if they miss the live tours.

A wider influencer campaign will be supported with paid media on social channels and display advertising, including a 55-second campaign video that's running on YouTube that asks consumers if they've “Ever wondered what’s actually in your medicine bottles?” The ad directs viewers to go to for a free sample of a Genexa product. 

The brand is also partnering with fashion bloggers like Chriselle Lim and Savannah LaBrant, plus a network of brand supporters that include Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow.

This project is the biggest marketing collaboration to date between the Co:Collective and Genexa, but the pair has previously worked on smaller initiatives. 

Co:Collective's managing director Kelli Lane MacDonald recently joined Genexa as CMO and is currently working in a hybrid role at the agency and client.





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