Agencies Unleash Election Projects

Agencies are revealing voter-related projects as the world looks to the November 3 U.S. election.

Atlanta-based Fitzco is helping clients navigate the potentially-tumultuous landscape before, during, and after November 3 with the “Election War Room.” In addition to agency team members, this collective of intelligence includes Emory University’s political science professor Holli Semetko and tech support provided by Netbase all lending their expertise to help brands react in real-time.

Under the program, clients are receiving customized strategy plans including advice owned and earned channels in addition to internal employee communication.

Recommendations fall into three parameters: Be kind. Be helpful. Be quiet. And they range from “pause your social media,” to “Hey, there’s a long line of people standing for hours waiting to vote. How about sending some free food over to them?”



Clients will have 24-hour access to the live dashboards and the social team will be on-call to answer any client-specific questions. Fitzco will also flag account leads about anything noteworthy in relationship to client partners, their business, their competitive set, or their internal employees. 

On Election Day Fitzco’s social strategists/analysts and media planners will be monitoring real-time digital conversation related to the election. The war room may be extended as necessary pending the outcome of the election and the public’s response.

Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) is working with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Jena Griswold’s office to ensure voters understand the difference between misinformation, disinformation and inaccurate information as the navigate the ballot box.

The outreach includes a dedicated webpage and social media ads the agency designed to be different from standard political ads in order to prevent fraud and misinformation. This creative shows state animals, such as the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep anthropomorphically opining   “Climbing Longs Peak is Easy,” with copy underneath that notes “Opinions are fun. Facts are better.” 

“To combat the false narratives and to hyper-localize the campaign, we have put Colorado’s trusted and true State icons to work as the spokes-characters for our campaign,” explained Kristin Centanni, Managing Director and Partner at SRG, leading public sector consulting.

The agency also developed a microsite identifying The Secretary of State’s Office as the “trusted source” for accurate election information in the state.

Energy BBDO launched an internal project to encourage Americans to “Go Vote!” in 2020. “According to the United States Elections Project, only 58.1% of the voting-eligible population cast a ballot in 2016's presidential election and we knew we could do better,” explains an agency representative.  

The campaign features 20+ custom designed gifs related to voting with the agency reporting the first week received over 48.9 million views on GIPHY.

The variety of designs encourage voting by mail, voting in-person, and volunteering on Election Day. Certain designs were also executed in partnership with Spanish illustration duo Cachete Jack.

In addition to living in-feed on Energy's social channels, including Facebook and Twitter, the GIFs are tied to Instagram stickers by searching “Energy BBDO.” Energy’s sister BBDO offices, like BBDO New York and BBDO Atlanta, are also sharing the campaign.

Election Super Centers Project is partnering with Gutsy Media partners Julie Hermelin and Mary Ann Marino, also founders of the Wake Up and Vote: Creative Consortium, to introduce “Make History Here,” a campaign marking the first time sports arenas will be widely used as polling sites.

This 360 national marketing strategy was brought to life with some of the industry’s leading creatives lending their talents, including Serge Patzak of 1stAveMachine, Cedric Gairard of Oatly, and Jordan Stone of Snapchat.

The work promotes turning out to vote and polling locations, and with over 100 unique creative assets is designed to be hyper-local and draw on specific emotional loyalties fans have to their nearby arenas.

Actor Jeffrey Wright serves as the voiceover talent. Ads will appear on social, OOH, TV, and radio, with assets targeted at a national and various local levels.

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