If You're Among The 43% Losing Sleep, Have An Extra Helping Of Tryptophan This Week

As we head into the first of America's big holiday season -- and shopping season -- events, it may be comforting to know that most of us haven't been losing much sleep during the pandemic. But maybe we should be.

According to a unique qualitative study conducted by Reach3, more than half of Americans (57%) say they are getting the same amount of sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic than they were before it.

The study -- which utilizes a method akin to a mobile-based focus group -- is considered nationally projectable, and it found that the main reason why Americans haven't lost sleep is also a direct byproduct of the pandemic: they have more time at home, less time at work and/or commuting, and are not engaging in many other normal pre-pandemic activities.

There is no starker reminder of that this week than the disruption of Thanksgiving, which hopefully will not be the kind of big family and social gatherings that Americans normally like to celebrate.

Black Friday will likely also be a smaller affair this year, and presumably mostly digital ecommerce for those Americans who are lucky enough to have discretionary spending to take advantage of the deals.

But the most important thing we can be thankful for this year is our health and the health of our loved ones, so if you're thinking of any big gatherings or shopping frenzies in brick-and-mortar locations, don't. There's good news on the horizon with two or more promising vaccines. So please be patient. And don't become a COVID-19 patient.

And we'll all look back and give some extra special thanks next year.

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