Report: Americans Are Optimistic About 2021

While Americans are sick of talking about the pandemic and hearing about the pandemic, they aren’t sick of new technologies that have emerged and gained popularity during the pandemic, according to new research from Berlin Cameron and Perksy. 

The trick is continuing to build and promote new shopping experiences without messaging that focuses on the quarantine, “new normal” or COVID-19, per the report which is designed to provide marketers with insights around consumer motivations and behaviors over the coming year. 

One finding: Americans are optimistic about 2021. A little more than two-thirds (36%) describe the upcoming year as “hopeful.” In fact, 73% of consumers think 2021 will be a much better year than 2020. Only 9% of people feel like the next year will be worse than 2020.

Social isolation is eyed as an artifact of 2020. Two in 10 people are most excited about events, while 61% hope to take a vacation next year.

Across the board, Gen Z wants new relationships whether it's with a partner (40%) or a new friend (57%), whereas 26% of Millennials are interested in making new friends (40%). 

Respondents, however, will keep up with their online endeavors. Only 33% expect to spend less time on social media over the next year.

Consumers say they are starving for stability. They’re more excited about the upcoming presidential inauguration (28%) than the Super Bowl (22%). In fact, people cite the new COVID-19 vaccine as 2021’s most exciting development yet, over sports, politics and everything else.

As Americans look for peace, ease and tranquility, researchers suggest brands should focus on consumer wellness in the New Year — delivering friction-free experiences, eliminating hassle and stress, and facilitating calm. 

Brands should also continue to dream up opportunities that bring community, interactivity and connectivity to people safely. Digital experiences that can incorporate  real life elements are highly valued, according to the report.

Although people recognize their lives may never return to the pre-pandemic “normal,” 59% said they never want to hear the term “new normal” again.

The “What Happens Next” report polled 1,000 people nationally between the ages of 18 and 54. 

More from the report can be found here.


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